Internet Friends

A controversial subject I have found are internet friends. People assume that when you meet people on the internet, they will always be murderers. I will agree, there are some occasions where there is a murderer on the other side of the screen, rather then a normal person. This is because, anytime the news reports on anything internet related, it is about how one person, one single person, got murdered because they met someone from the internet in a private place. However, I have internet friends who are proper friends.

I have three internet friends who I am really close to, and one who I only met recently. They each have their own account on ‘Wattpad’ which is a story writing website. We all have nicknames that came from experiences we have had together.

Amy –

Flutter –

Timid –

The_Duck_Army (A joint account between us four) –

Ceriea –

I have used Skype and Oovoo (they are similar in use) to confirm that they are who they say they are. We write stories together and help each other in problems that they each have. For example, Amy is going through a tough time at the moment with her real life friend, and Timid has a paralysed voice cord. This means he can only speak in little rasps. We are all really close and this is why I love the internet.

So as my friend Ceriea once told me, don’t let the normal people bite.


I have a lot of obsessions. However there is one that has caught my attention, and flung me into a whirlwind of feelings.

My new obsession is the video game Super Paper Mario.

Most Mario games are light hearted, cheerful and all around happy. Super Paper Mario does have a lot of humour, but it is by far the darkest game in the Mario franchise. Without spoiling much, I will describe the plot.

You start off with Mario and Luigi in their house. Luigi is talking about how it’s almost boring how normal everything is. So what do they do? They go to Princess Peach’s castle of course! The pair head out but are stopped by a disturbed toad. He tells the Mario bros that Peach has been kidnapped! So the Mario bros head out to Bowser’s castle. Bowser is the main bad guy in most video games. He is constantly kidnapping Peach so he was the obvious suspect.

Upon entering the castle, the door was open, they discover that Bowser was about to launch his attack on the kingdom to kidnap Peach. Bowser and the Mario bros stood confused, until a man teleported in. Laughing maniacally, the man states that he is Count Bleck and that he kidnapped Peach. He knocked out Mario and teleported Luigi, Bowser and all of Bowser’s minions away.

You wake up to a soft voice calling your name. A pixelated, rainbow butterfly was the source of the sound. Force of habit made Mario think that this butterfly was evil. However, he was wrong. The butterfly revealed her name: Tippi. She was a pixl. Tippi teleported Mario to the land of Flipside. There you meet a man named Merlon. Merlon tells you about how the world was ending due to the Dark Prognosticous. Count Bleck was picked out by the Dark Prognosticous to end all worlds. All dimensions were going to end. One of Merlon’s relatives created the Light Prognosticous to counter the dark. It told of four heroes. A man in red with blue overalls and a brilliant moustache. A princess in pink, wielding a parasol. A monster with a spiked shell and a breath of fire. A man in green, able to jump higher then any other. One of the descriptions matched Mario perfectly. Merlon then spoke of another part of the Prognosticous. The heroes were to collect all eight Pure Hearts and put them in the Heart Pillars around Flipside. Merlon already had the first, so he put it in Mario’s position.

After placing the Pure Heart in the Heart Pillar, and door opened to a dimension called Lineland. And thus, Mario’s adventure begins.

The reason why I am obsessed with this game is because of the later plot. The story had made me cry, several times and the music creates an atmosphere that a rare amount of games posses. All in all, I think you should check this game out. If you can’t get your hands on it, or you don’t have a Wii, I would suggest going on YouTube and looking up ‘Chuggaaconroy’. After that, go into his playlists and click on Super Paper Mario. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Spoopy the Ghost

Ghosts were made to be scary, but what if they just… weren’t? This is the story of a little ghost called Spoopy.

Spoopy lived in a world similar to ours, but different at the same time. It was an alternate dimension in fact. There, live ghosts. Ghosts live for much, much longer than humans. Child ghosts go to school at the age of 17, and leave at age 19. Days there are much longer; approximately 2,139 blips. (That is about 49 hours, Earth time.) Spoopy lived in a large city called Polaria. Polaria was the second-largest city in the world. Spoopy lived in a bare part of Polaria where the slopes glimmered light blue under the two rising moons. The snow would settle upon the pale purple leaves creating a radiant shimmer effect. Brilliant auroras filled the sky; stars dancing in the wind. Spoopy loved it there. He would play with the silver squirrels that hurtled down the hill and the pale purple birds that flew overhead. However, the peace didn’t last long.

Cats were extremely rare in Polaria. So when a black cat lunged down the hill, stars fazing beneath its feet, Spoopy knew something was different. Spoopy had heard some of his parent’s tales about astral beings, however he never thought they were real. He kneeled down to it’s height at stared strait into its striking blue eyes. Its tail was hooked strait up, and its muscles tensed as the ghost tried to pat it. Hissing, it ran away. But not before its astral dust attack Spoopy.

Astral dust was a mystery to the entire universe. But at its core, it changed beings. It changed a being from what they are meant to be, to the opposite. In this case, Spoopy is a ghost. He is supposed to be scary, alarming, chilling. Instead, he was adorable, charming, delightful. Of course, Spoopy would never be able to scare others. It just wasn’t in his nature, however astral dust didn’t accommodate for that. Spoopy was now the ghost that couldn’t scare.

Although Spoopy didn’t speak to anyone, word got out quickly. His parents, Elizaboo and Jack, built walls around the hill. But they set fire to the walls. After all, if it got out that Polaria had a ‘cute’ ghost, they would be despised just as much as humans from the other universe. The only option left was for their family to run. To run as far away from this place as possible. However, in the act of making sure their son escaped, Jack and Elizaboo were lost, mere memories. Spoopy was scared, like anyone would be. Lost in an unfamiliar place with no one to look after him, Spoopy starved. (Ghosts need food too, you know.) He walked (without food ghosts can’t float) until the point of collapse. Hunger and thirst and loneliness consumed him to into feint outline in the breeze.

A figure stood in the moonlight. He cast a shadow. He was human. Will Spoopy’s remaining blips of consciousness, he reached his hand out and rasped the one word that expressed his feelings, thoughts, past, future, everything.


The man was a wise traveller from alternate regions of time and space. He had seen several incidents including astral beings, however this was the first this chaotic. As wise as the man was, he overlooked a few things when he was trying to help Spoopy.

Have you ever been looking in a mirror and seen a flicker behind you? Or you think you see someone in the mirror so you look behind you and there’s just… nothing? The man put Spoopy in a mirror. In every mirror. Spoopy lives forever in every reflection whether it be from a mirror, or water, or maybe glass. The man did it in good intentions, however know Spoopy lives in agony forever, never to escape.

That is the story of Spoopy, the ghost that never scares.

Family Time

I have had many fun moments in time with my family. I decided to tell you about one.

I was about seven or eight at the time. I was sitting in a field with my parents. My dad was eating a meat pie and my mum was eating a pasty. I was eating a sausage roll. I was quickly finishing my food as I was quite hungry. I had a couple more bites of my sausage roll left but then, it just wasn’t there. Not because I had eaten it; it had just vanished form my hands. I looked over to my left and saw a kookaburra eating something. Looking closer, I saw that it was the last remains of my sausage roll.

Dang it, kookaburra.


Andrew via Compfight

All About Me

Hello! My name is Maddy and somehow you have found your way to my blog. I am a complete an utter fangirl. I love video games and anime and the internet. I am watching FullMetal Alchemist, Btooom!, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Fairytail, Host Club and Sword Art Online. I play Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, Sonic, etc. I (FINALLY) got Netflix so I can rematch all of the Doctor Who episodes. If you are also a fan of any of these things, I think you will like my blog.


Mosquitoes Suck

I lay on my bed looking for good tag questions to post a video about. What is your spirit animal? Seeing as how short I am, I chose a giraffe. I watched the sun set through my window. The last rays of golden light vanished behind the trees. A mosquito flew in and bit me. Mosquitoes Suck. I got up and slammed down the window. Bang! My infuriation drove me to run around my room chasing the mosquito. It flew out of the house before I could catch it. Dang it!

Nugget’s Journey

“See ya Nuggie!” My owner called as her giant dog (car) ran across the giant dog path (road). A new person had me on a lead and was taking me to a large area about four tails wide and fourteen tails long. I had two feeders, one for water, one for food. Each was about three paws across on all sides. They were filled as high as they could be and I stuffed my snout in the food. The new person took off my lead and let me run around my area. Apparently I was there for about four weeks but it only felt like a day. The new people say that’s what Staffies do. I guess I’m a ‘Staffy’ now.

These new people put me in a box, about two tails in all dimentions. The box had two tiny feeders, both only one paw round! They put the box in a large area with lots of other dogs and even some cats! I met an old dog called Alfie. He told me stories of his tragic giant dog accident that left him without the use of his front, right paw. He continued until, in what seemed like a day, my box was unloaded. I was in a giant dog and in about a day, I was at a big dog house (house) and out of nowhere, my owners appeared. They were acting like they hadn’t seen me in forever even though it’s only been three days. I hope they feed me.

Adding Photos using Compfight

To complete the Student Blog Challenge, I needed to add a photo using a plugin called ‘Compfight’. When I first tried to add a photo, I thought I had to use the website. This was not the case. I learned from Mrs Davis (one of my teachers) when she showed the class how to add a photo, as she had seen many get it wrong. I learned how to add the Compfight plugin and use it without going against copyright laws. This helped me a lot and I am grateful to Mrs Davis for showing me, and the class, how to use Compfight.